LIFE Residents are thankful to their parents ...
Bari Schneider: "I want to thank my parents for sending me to LIFE. I am very happy to live here. I continue to grow because of your support."

Austin Keane:  "Thank you to my mom and dad and my family for everything that you have done for me. I am glad that my parents found Riverview School and LIFE. I am lucky for the family that I have."

Will Lenehan: "Thank you for bringing me to LIFE. You have helped me out whenever there were problems. When I had finally bought my own place, it was nice that I could decorate it how I wanted to. Now everything has a place for itself."

Charlotte Lawrence: "Thank you mom and dad for giving me the opportunity to become a LIFE resident where I can work on my goals towards becoming independent. The LIFE team and you, too, have been very helpful when I needed you. I will continue to work towards my goal and thank you for believing in me."
Supported Independent Living for Adults with Learning and Intellectual Disabilities

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